Thermal Screening Metal Detector

Thermal Screening Metal Detector

SKU: R60-024-1561

The Ravel Movement Control's walk-through Metal Detector is simple, elegant and thoughtfully designed to address scanning of people for metal objects being carried in their person. These are extremely important these days to ensure un-authorised metal objects are not carried into or out a facility. It could be deployed to scan people entering a Mall or a Hotel.

Sophisticated models are available for facilities & applications that require a very high degree of precision and for deployment outdoor as well. This detector are also incorporated with Temperature Sensors/Thermal cameras to detect and screen the temperature. This pandemic (Covid-19) situation shall be highly monitored with help of this detector, also to isolate the person with high body temperature by entering premises.

Ravel Movement Control has taken enough and more care to offer a product that is safe for all types of pedestrians and are manufactured under stringent environment of quality with eye for detail.

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