Ravel Beam Detector

Ravel Beam Detector


Eazy Beam an UL listed product. It is self aligning beam detector. That can be motorized with inbuilt LASER pointer. This device has one minute auto aligning BEAM DETECTOR for 5 metre to 120 metre. It has special feature to compensate automatically for natural building movement to continuously maintaining alignment by building movement tracking technology. This standalone device has Alignment mode switch, alignment directional buttons and configuration switches for alarm response threshold. It has 2 Green LEDs and 1 Yellow LED for alignment status. These lights indicates the System status such as Green LED flashing every 10 sec in normal condition; Red LED flashing every 10 sec in alarm condition; Yellow LED flashing every 10 sec for obs curation or every 5 sec for contamination in Fault condition. Salient Features Auto alignment Easy Installation Standalone Detector Salient Features

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